Graphic programs you can use

You can always use Microsoft Paint if you want. However, these programs I’ll recommend if you want a program with more features.

Graphics Gale




Character Maker 1999


Paintshop Pro 4



  1. Graphics gale is a bit too confusing for many though, especially when attempting to import image clippings from other programs Via Copy + Paste. it inserts it as a new layer, then goes “FUCK YOU!” and deletes the image if you so much as click wrong D: [the pasted image]

    but it’s a good program :3

    I’d like to suggest though it’s not really a ‘fine’ editor, it gives more functionality than normal paint, and I THINK supports layers… I don’t, however, have the link ;.; but searching it on google would most likely provide it ❤

  2. Well, Graphics Gale does have a lot of options, but once you get used to it it can be helpful. I generally don’t use it that often though.

    In fact, I was going to add to this category, but I haven’t had time yet. It wasn’t a priority, so I just left this as a placeholder.

    You’ve got Paintshop Pro 4,, IDraw, Character Maker 1999, Pixen for the Mac, GIMP for a free photoshop alternative, and a few others. I haven’t used all of them though, so I can’t really comment on all of them other than what other people have said.

  3. I prefer GIMP right now. It takes a little getting used to for someone with no graphic design experience, but it has a lot of cool features and is definitely helpful when creating tilesets for RMVX. Snap-to-grid makes that process much easier.

  4. Ah yes, snap to grid is awesome. I have Photoshop, so I never tried GIMP. Pretty much any program with a grid is useful for doing tilesets. Layers are good too, but for old school style stuff you don’t truly need it.

  5. How do i use GG. I seriously need help. E-mail me at please make a video or something please i’m so stuck.

  6. I’ll have to try out some of these alternatives, but so far I’ve used almost exclusively iDraw. Photoshop is always handy for doing advanced layering and opacity work (like water and so forth), but iDraw actually has some neat options that I continue to discover, like pen opacity, guides (instant charset template!), and snapping).

  7. I tried IDraw in the past (years ago) and got turned off by it. I don’t remember why, honestly. But yeah, I love my Character Maker 1999 so I tend to stick with that unless I need some opacity things which then I’ll go to Graphics Gale. Graphics Gale is also nice for like 3200% zooming, it zooms in furthur than photoshop does.

    In CM1999, I just set the character size to 24×32 for charsets, and I could set a grid to 8×8 on top of that. It’s pretty helpful for me.

    Glad you visited the site!

  8. Okay thanks, I’m going to use Character Maker 1999.

  9. …D:

    I’m not sure why (Maybe I just need to try again later), but Char Maker ’99 ‘s download link isn’t working for me. This makes me sad… I’m gonna need all the help I can get for graphics on this project if I’m gonna be so stubborn as to do insist on doing this myself…

  10. Yeah, it was just a “need to download later” thing. Works fine now. I’ll consider hosting it elsewhere though as I’m not updating that site. I find blogs much easier to update.

  11. OK, that previous host I had seems to be completely dead. I replaced it with a new temporary one until I can find something better.

    Character Maker 1999 should now be up again.

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