Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 11, 2009

Cave: Part I

OK, I was asked to do a cave tileset here, so I’m gonna start.


I started with the basic shape that I wanted. I didn’t the ceiling to feel too squarish so I wanted to have some variation there.

I started with the color red. I actually took the 4 colors I was using at first off of a Sword of Mana tile. I had saved a bunch of those and a Seiken Densetsu 3 one for reference. More on that later. But yeah, I just wanted something to work off of, I wasn’t going to keep those colors.

I wanted a stalagmite type of formation on the bottom of the cave wall. Then little stalactite like formations around, you can probably see that most on the right/left side walls. As in the Cliff tutorial I posted before, you’ll want the tops of them to be lightest. I could have simply made one tile for the front and one tile for the right side cliff which then I could mirror, but I figured I’d have some variation. For reference on the side walls, I looked at Seiken Densetsu 3 cliff sides. So no, I didn’t just imagine it up.

For the ceiling, I’m using one color. Then one color to basically outline it. I could make the outline thicker if I want.

For the floor, I tried to make it look rocky, so I scattered a few light pixels here and there, and some dark pixels for depth. You’ll want to test how it tiles so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of connected squares. You could even make multiple types for variation, which will make the tiling even less obvious. For floors, try not to make the contrast too high. I did at first only to show where I put the shades/highlights, but you’ll want them just slightly visible without sticking out too much.





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