Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 2, 2009


OK, I was asked by Holder to make some wallpaper wall tiles. I figured I’d do a simple one for now, feel free to ask me anything or to show more examples or whatever.


I did a few simple step by steps. You can certainly add on to this and add more colors rather than 2 for the wall, vary the patterns a little, and things like that.

Basically, you want to have an idea for your wall, if you have floors you need to make sure the wall isn’t too close in color unless there’s a clear division, and the general style for your game. You can certainly do a flat color wall, but if your game looks like Chrono Trigger, that’s harder to pull off than it is for something like Zelda.

The first row is showing the differences of floor colors compared to the walls. Since the floors were light in the 2nd example, I added a division which I’ll later make wooden. This is also good for general divisions of rooms and such.

The next row I make a simple pattern on one column and copy it/flip it. You just need to make sure it tiles. Since it’s a wall, try not to make the pattern stand out too much, as you need objects such as paintings, windows, torches, lights, Haruhi wall scrolls and stuff to put on it.

The second is adding a simple texture to it. I just placed some pixels to make it look random, and then really toned down the color so it’s pretty close in color. You want to be able to see it, but just barely. You can include multiple colors here too, especially for rougher looking walls.

The third wallpaper style: A single image repeated. You’ll want the image to be split at the corners so it tiles correctly, and that they all match up in the end. You can certainly vary it a little, just make sure the sides meet like they should. I used some references for this wall, you can look at this site for the inspiration.

Then, if you want just a regular wall with no patterns, you could do something like this. I didn’t show the lamp and I should have, but basically this is what the wall would be if lit by a light right near the middle. Then the area around that lamp would be brightest.  You could also have it going from light on the top to dark on the bottom especially if it’s ceiling lit, or you could make the reverse and go from light to dark on top. It’d be good to keep the middle tile flat so you can extend it if necessary. Also, I wouldn’t just slap a gradient tool on it and call it a day, that’s lazy.

Lemme know if this helps!



  1. I popped in to say hello.
    I found your blog via google, searching for a generic chipset.
    Reading the tutorials on pixel art, help me feel inspired to work on my old RPGmaker project and import to 2K3.
    In the past there were few tutorials on pixel art, I have tried drawing sprites from scratch and has been different. Besides Computer Arts there wasn’t anything else. Your blog gives me some courage for another attempt.
    I will have look at other tutorials to see if there is anything useful.

  2. Awesome! I hope it’s useful to you. If there’s anything that you don’t see here that you want, lemme know and I’ll try making a tutorial of it.

    RM2k3 is fun to use. I dunno if you have them already, but you can get some patches for RM2k3 so that you can do even more with it:

    The Goliath patch and the Hyper patch are worth a look into, I dunno if they could both work at the same time but I think there’s a recent topic in that forum about it.

  3. Brilliant thank you so much, being honest within mine because of the wood texture being green it was looking like a tin of peas XD

    It’s taking a bit of getting used to in XP doing small patterns because it looks like theirs loads of them, and that site got me on the look out for more like that.

    Nice work and thanks for this once again.

  4. Thanks for the link Ocean’s Dream. It was due to a lack of suitable images I had to draw my own, facesets and charaset. Normally edit or use charas project generators. Resources for RM2K3 are harder to find as most people use XP or VX. I intend to use XP after I have finished my game so far a lot of work is needed to return to project where I left off as most of RTP were 2000 default.
    I find with ripped sprites there lots different colours making up the tone, I have to give pixel art another try to see how it fits on.

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