Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 13, 2009

Crystal tree

This tutorial is by K-Hos. Thank you for this!


Click the thumbnail for this.

I love how the tree came out. I asked him a question about this as well:

“Ocean: When making the tree, did you have a clear picture on what you wanted, or did it come about through experimentation?”

“K-hos: I knew I wanted a glass look, but not the clear picture. That did come about through experimentation”.

You know, an interview with a fellow pixel artist would probably be a pretty cool idea. I should do that sometime.



  1. Just one word. AWESOME. ANd i never had that “pixel tree” idea. It kinda remembers me the frozen esper, from FF6.

  2. Dude, that would take me days to get right. Kinda nifty, though. I think that guy’s tree turned out pretty nice.

  3. Oh yeah, and I second your idea for doing interviews.

  4. That’s really nice, a very different style but great.

    Oceans could I make a suggestion, I’m finding it hard to do simple indoor walls. I’m not using wooden planks or wood pillars so it’s mainly wallpaper and such. Tried the dotted style but it looked alot like carpet.

    Hope that’s alright.

  5. Sounds good to me. I’ll get to working on it now

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