Posted by: Ocean's Dream | May 2, 2009


This is something simple I made for Skie. I’d like it if you didn’t use this as is, and only use it as a tutorial reference.


This is another way of making cliffs. FF6 does something similar, but the whole top of a protrusion is light, and there are more colors used. Also, they’re diamond shaped rather than circular. So basically, I go through the process on the bottom right for the cliff walls, varying the size of them, then I just fit them into a tile (or multiple tiles which could add variety) and make sure it tiles. I usually put 4 or more of the same tile to test to see if it tiles well, then edit it if it doesn’t  tile well.



  1. Pretty cool. I think for me getting the tiling right on those cliff segments will be the toughest part. Nice tutorial, though.

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