Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 24, 2009


You could save it and zoom in to check what I added/changed in each step. I would have posted the zoomed in version here but the blog has a fixed width so I don’t want it to be cut off.




  1. Nifty fireplace. I’ve actually been struggling with a couple of tileset-related things lately that I would really like to see tutorials for. First, how the heck do you make a tileset for something like forests or mountains when you don’t have a program that uses autotiles? I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to make mountain tiles that tile in all directions but then terminate at some point.

    In general (since you said you’re taking suggestiosn), what I’d really like to see a guide to making are “world map” style tiles for various landscape objects (forests and mountains would be the most helpful).

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