Posted by: Ocean's Dream | February 4, 2009

Representing curves in front view

Various types of curves. I find it best to use light rather than just shape to show it. When you want something to pop out, make it bright. When you want it to go in the background, make it dark, generally. So the parts closest to you are light. For this, I’m showing the front views of the curves, and you can see the side and where the person is viewing it on the right of the tiles.



  1. Don´t you think the bottom one would work only if the floor was light?
    I think it looks quite strange, for example, when you[re in a perfectly sunny area, but with, say, black floor and mud, and there seems to be light coming from an floor. just thoughts. I suppose it may work if the light was taken out, and in there should hand the floor´s reflections.
    But only for the bottom case, in the second for the bottom to up, the ski´s reflection. So, light would be perfectly acceptable. Of course, the reflection thing only works on metallic surfaces, in non-metalic you could always use the color and darkness of the floor and sky to base the shade…

    Just thought, i dunno if that´s right…. ^^’

  2. Well, it depends on lighting. Also, you don’t have to go to bright white or anything brighter than the floor if that connects to it and is the same color. That’s just an example.

    Plus, as I mentioned there, bright colors tend to pop out and darker ones (especially blue) tend to go into the background. The lighting changes for a curve don’t have to be as drastic as what I did, but I figured it’d be easy to tell what I did there.

    That is really just a guide to help and isn’t the only way to represent one. For example, based on the lighting, I might want to make the lights on the first one higher up and not directly in the middle. Or if there are lights on the floor, then I might change it based on that.

    But yes, you’re not wrong, and I’d make the tiles first before I go working on curves like this so I have an idea of what to use for colors.

  3. This is really helpful, actually. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make steampunk-esque pipes that look decent and mine always turn out somewhat “off.” Could you post an example of light hitting a curved surface more on one side than the other? Also, how do you handle lighting (like torches, streetlights, etc.) in your games?

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