Posted by: Ocean's Dream | November 10, 2008

Floor/Wall lighting

This tutorial is by Dajhail

Walls and floors are no different to the other objects you’re putting in the level.
The tops of boxes (green) have the highlight at the bottom, so the floor tiles will be the same.

The green boxes look 3D because the top is lighter than the front. Adding the edges makes it look more 3D. This applies most to RPG perspective since it is top down. Here is another example of this, from Seiken Densetsu 3 (sorry for jpg):

Look at the counter at the Inn. The top is noticeably brighter than the front. Check out the bed too. Specifically, the wooden part. The front of it is dark, the top of the wooden part is bright.
The walls are also an object, and follow the same rules. The floor is lighter, the walls are darker, generally speaking. That’s what makes it look 3D. Shadows can help too, if you can pull it off. It is not necessary, and many early games did not rely on shadows for it.


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