Posted by: Ocean's Dream | October 21, 2008

Tower walls

Here’s what I was working on today. Thanks to Dajhail for a lot of the tips here.

First, I’ll start with the bricks. I’m fairly sure I did a tutorial on this already but no harm in doing it again.

I personally like to make each brick be perfectly aligned and all the same size. You could certainly vary it, and could make for an interesting effect. I would at least start with a grid. Since the tile is usually either 16×16 or 32×32, a multiple of 4 would be good. It could be 4 pixels in height and 8 in width, which could work. Don’t outline the whole brick, since it tiles, you only need to outline part of it. The bottom and right sides should do it. Include the outlines in the brick size, so the 4 pixel height should include that bottom outline. Similarly, the 8 pixel width should include the right outline. When you get to shading, putting a highlight on top helps it look like it sticks out.

When doing the sides of the tower, this is a simple way to do it. Make a circle as the base. What I did is make a circle that fit a 32×16 area if you’re working with 16×16. Double those values if you’re doing 32×32. Then, copy that circle 16 (or 32) pixels above. I then chop off the top of the circles, and connect the sides by a line. Move it up 4 pixels (It should correspond with the height of your bricks), then copy and paste. Make sure the background is transparent. You’ll see in the image how this works.

Then, I placed them next to the middle tile so I can test it. Since it looks okay, I’ll continue the bricks that were cut off due to tiling. For the sides, remember that it goes back, and the furthur away something is, the darker it will appear. I use a dark purple for this. I decided to make the left side of the tower brighter and the right side have some ambient lighting on it. So I used more of the highlight on the left side, and used blue on the right side. If you have some bright torch light at night, you may want to use a bright orange for that, for example.


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