Posted by: Ocean's Dream | October 3, 2008


OK, finally an update. I had something about floors and lines on the floor, but I decided to go with a pillar instead



  1. Wow, the tileset you’re making is coming along nicely. Do you actually have a game in mind for this tileset?

  2. Nope, not using them for anything, but I figured I’d put them all in one sheet to make it easier to find out what to work towards. I don’t mind people using these either. I was going to make an RMVX tileset alternative, but I have a lot of other projects to work on, so that’s not gonna happen.

  3. Hmm…one game creation engine that I’m looking forward to is called Stencyl ( It’s almost in the beta stage, but one of the things the community there is planning on putting together is a sort of ‘open graphics’ project where people can submit, share and use royalty-free graphcis. Would you be open to submitting this tileset to that project? Note that I’m not going to take your tiles and do anything with them; I just thought that could be a place where people will get some use out of all the effort you put into these graphics.

  4. That’d be a pretty cool idea, I’ve always thought of doing a open graphics type of thing, but I haven’t really had time for that. I would be up for contributing these graphics and any furthur ones that come from the tutorial for that.

    I heard of Stencyl, but until it’s released, I won’t have any major opinions of it. I do think it’ll produce a ton of mario clones or whatever, but if it turns out to be a good maker, then I’d use it.

  5. So far from what I’ve read of Stencyl on the forums, it seems like it’ll have an auto code generation system that sounds pretty flexible. How easy to use it will be still remains to be seen. I’m hoping it will be a better maker than what’s out there right now, but who knows. I’ll check back here and let you know when Stencyl is actually out. From what I’ve read on the Stencyl forums lately, the closed beta will probably begin late fall, early winter.

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