Posted by: Ocean's Dream | August 28, 2008

Hot dog cart

Hot dog cart.

Check up “Hotdog cart” on google and you’ll easily find my reference pic. It’s a good thing to do, but be aware of 2 things: Your games perspective, and the lighting. For a side scroller, you don’t have to show the top of the cart, and you could have it as a simple side view (like you see in step 1). However, for an RPG, you should be able to see the tops. Not only that, but they would be lighter than the sides of the cart. This goes the same for things like desks, pillars, and all of that.

Blah blah blah it’s double scaled (The cart fits in a 64×64 square) and I don’t have much more time because I’m almost off work but hopefully that should be enough. Feel free to ask questions!

Oh, the wheel. I decided to change it at the end so it’ll be easier to animate. I’m not going to show you that, but what you could do is move the light circle that you see on the top left of the whell, and it should have enough frames to return back where it started. If you have 3 frames, I’d do: “Top left, Bottom, Top right” or something along those lines.


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