Posted by: Ocean's Dream | July 9, 2008


Made a small and a large block, meant to be for side view. This is double scaled.

I started by making the cracks. I wanted the left side to be lit, and the right side to be darker. It’s actually a similar process used for both, but you have more space in the 2nd one. You have more room for detail. So, what do you fill it with? A rock isn’t perfect and smooth, so feel free to add pixels here and there, some few cracks and stuff. Take a rock picture and use that as a reference too.



  1. Do you have any advice on getting the shadows objects cast looking decent? I’ve had some trouble making shadows consistent. The block you made here got me thinking about lighting objects, which led me to shadows being cast.

  2. What in particular about the shadows? For positioning of them, you just have to know what light source you’re using.

    If you’re using a upper left light source, then the shadow will go towards the bottom right. Always opposite of the light. In RPG lighting, it comes from the top generally, so it will be the base and the sides that are generally less lit. Do be careful of pillow shading though!

  3. I think the shape of the shadows is the biggest problem for me. I have trouble translating the shape of an object to a slightly fuzzier, shadow version at an angle. I’m guessing it just takes practice.

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