Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 18, 2008


Now, from that to a marketplace. I didn’t make it 2x zoom, but you can zoom in on your own and check it out. Also added some pixel art tutorial links to the side, so check them out if you haven’t already.

Here, we’re setting up the table for the shopkeepers to place their items in. Steps 2-4 are for making the sides, so don’t get rid of the step 1 part. On the sides, you can feel free to make it not square if you’d like, unless you will be tiling that. Otherwise, use the center piece for tiling.

Of course you wouldn’t set up a shop, be outside in the sun and not have anything to cover you, right? There are plenty of ways to make this cover. Google images is a good thing to look through for images that could help you as a reference, especially if you’re looking to make a cloth that has folds in it.

I decided to stick with something simple for now. Check out steps 4 and 6. On step 4, I added a highlight on top. On step 6, I added a shadow near the middle. Why? Well, the lighter tone looks like it stands out, and the darker one looks like it goes in. This is the same effect that you would get if you used a warm color (red, yellow) and a cool color (blue, purple). The warm one would stand out more. So, what I was trying to do was not make it just a straight diagonal, but have a slope to it.

This next step is pretty simple. You can make the pole/stick more elaborate, and you don’t need to make it straight either.



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