Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 11, 2008


The row between 3 and 4 shows you the top of the tombstone. In the first one in that row, it looks like a front view of the tombstone. The 2nd one looks like it has the RPG perspective on it. The 3rd one looks pretty long.

Testing it with the grass I made in an earlier tutorial.



  1. Those last few tutorials are all very cool. How long did the chandelier take you to do? Also, can you put together an example map that uses the chandelier? I’m curious to see how that would on an actual map given that it’s supposed to be hanging from the cieling.

  2. Chandelier didn’t take me long to do. Finding a reference photo helped. Frankly I was at work so I had a bunch of free time for this. I didn’t really track the time, but again, it didn’t take long.

    I just put up the chandelier testmap in the chandelier tutorial, so you could check it out there.

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