Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 10, 2008


Today’s tutorial is a door.

I love programs with a palette, I can easily change all the colors.

The door is shown 2x the normal size so you can see the pixels better. If you’d like, zoom furthur and play around with it.

For step 1, I left the yellow part on the bottom. This is going to be the base of the door, which is seperate from the door itself.

In step 4, I tried to draw a flower for the door design. It’s a rough sketch there. You could draw whatever else you like, or make a pattern. If you’re doing the pattern, I’d suggest you look up how much space you have in there to draw, and divide it up as evenly as you can. For example, if it’s 128 pixels tall, you can make a repeating pattern that repeats 4 times, and they should be 32 pixels tall each.

Step 5 is cleaning up the lines. Sprite art has a good tutorial on lines, so I’ll refer you there:

Step 6 is adding highlights. Not just anywhere though. The highlights make it pop out more. So think of it as a relief, the closer it is to you, the brighter it should be. Speaking of relief, that’s what we’re going to do in step 7. Don’t outline the lines you made in step 4/5, but add a shadow line underneath the lines.

A similar thing applies when I make the top part of the door (steps 11 and up). I want that to look like it juts out while the door is in the back. So I made it brighter in step 17.

The rest should be straight forward, just take a look at the image. Any questions, feel free to ask!



  1. Any chance we can get an animated version of the door (well, at least partway open and then completely open)? I’m getting better at spriting but still suck a lot at animation.

  2. Yep. Just added that today.

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