Posted by: Ocean's Dream | June 5, 2008


I haven’t updated this in a while, I’ve been busy.

But here’s a new thing for today.

(2x zoom)
*I started off by making the candlesticks. You may feel free to do this in many different ways. If you need a reference, just look it up in google.
*Speaking about google, since the chandeliers are up high, there will be a difference between the photo and how it should look like in RM, since you see things top down there. So try not to reference it exactly. Imagine that chandelier as if you were looking down at it.
*For adding the candlesticks around the chandelier, I start with the ones in the back. Make sure to have a non-candlestick version around so you can copy it later. Place the side candlesticks, and then paste the non-candlestick version of the chandelier on top. This will partially cover the candlesticks in the back. Then, just simply paste the ones in front.



The chandelier is noticeably brighter than the surrounding. I didn’t make the chandelier for this map in particular, but it wouldn’t be hard to adjust the colors. There are a few other games that use Chandeliers, so you can look at them for inspiration. For the shadow, I just made the chandelier all one dark color. It didn’t take long.



  1. that’s pretty nice… I’m not sure I like the style of the chain it’s hanging from, though. Other than that, it’s pretty cool. If it was me, though, I’d probably use a different color for the outline… possibly a dark orange or something similar.

  2. Well, the chain didn’t take long to do. You could easily vary it, or even make it just a string hanging down. I tend to like dark purple for outlines, so you’ll see me use that often. I just like how they look with a dark purple outline most of the time.

  3. Dude your blog is awesome, do you have msn??

  4. Nah, I don’t. Neither that or AIM. Well, I do, I’m just never on it so e-mailing me, commenting on here or PMing me on a forum I go to is probably the fastest way to contact me.

    Ironically I’m replying to this late. I saw it before, I just completely forgot to reply! Sorry.

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