Posted by: Ocean's Dream | April 3, 2008

The Office continued!

Got a bunch of step by step images done today because I did my homework early.

All objects. I didn’t make a tutorial for the ceiling or the round table because I did something similar in a previous post. I’m not going to repeat myself, just look those up.




  1. Reminds me a bit of Earthbound/Mother in style. Pretty cool. I really like the water cooler.

  2. the best tutorials about tiles and pixel art around! Keep this nice work! 😉

  3. Ah, thanks!

    You know, I’ve never actually studied Earthbound tiles, though I know the general look of them. It’s not something I was referencing though.

  4. Quick question, how do you handle shadows around objects? From what I can tell from your tutorial tileset(s), you don’t all that often (though some objects you’ve done have them). Do you add them in later? Is there a good way to handle shadows in general rather than having them associated with specific tiles/objects?

  5. I rarely do add them. But if I do, I just follow by the same light source I used to make highlights/shadows on the object, and add the shadow to the tile itself. A flat color is fine, it’ll be the same general shape as the object, and you don’t even need to be as precise about it. You could also make a map with the objects that have no shadows, bring it into Photoshop, color in a shadow, then save a picture of just the shadows. However, you get the issue of having to make it for every single map.

    You could also build the shadows into the floor tiles, like having a half square shadow on the left, a diagonal shadow, stuff like that. I find this better for walls, but it could work with some objects too.

  6. How do you keep a tileset consistent looking in terms of design and color? Do you restrict the palette you use at all or repeat certain kinds of designs?

  7. I repeat the same palette for the chipsets, adding colors as necessary. I tend not to go over 60 colors for a tileset. I just make the colors as I need them. Then, you just basically look and see if the colors don’t conflict much which the rest of the stuff. The first guess for the color you pick is hardly ever the one I stick with, so I just modify it as I go. It’s good to have a program that lets you change that color and every place you use that exact color.

    I tend to repeat Spiral designs, so you’ll frequently see that in my stuff. In terms of dithering, people have different approaches to it so you may see someone use circles for dithering, and repeat that for most of the work.

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