Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 29, 2008

RMVX A5 tiles

Okay, update time.

This is the template for the A5 Tileset. I color divided them so you can see what the RTP used the sections for. You don’t have to stick with them and can just reserve all of those for 32×32 tiles. The blue areas are for the floors, the purples are for the walls going into the darkness or panorama, green for the stairs, and red for miscellaneous tiles. None of these tiles here are auto-tiles, so again, don’t feel obligated to stick with making them a certain way.

We are going to be making a floor tile, making the wall fade to black, and a stair tile.

1. Copying from the template. If you have a program with a grid, set it to either 16×16 or 32×32. I prefer 16×16 even though the tile sizes are 32×32, but it’s your call.
2. I directly pasted the top of the wall tile here. I wanted the middle, not the sides.
3. I wanted the bottom 8 pixels to be black. Here you can vary it a bit. You could instead use a transparent color (This you can chose in RMVX itself when you import, so don’t worry about how you make it transparent) so the panorama shows through. You could avoid using pure black and instead use a dark purple, blue or brown. The black didn’t particularly bother me though. It doesn’t have to be 8 pixels either, but I figured the bottom 1/4 would be a good amount.
4. Copied the top part of the wall, and flipped it over. So the bottom is a mirror of the top.
5. This one is simple, I took the bottom yellow part and made it a dark red instead. I didn’t want a flat black line at the bottom, so I varied it very slightly. I could have made more dithering or more of a texture between the dark red and black.
6. Now, the floor tile. I made the 4 corners have a 4×4 square on them. I want this to look tiled, as they are floor tiles. You can make some floor tiles not look tiled, but that depends on the interior you want to do. Nature shouldn’t look tiled, man made floors and stuff can.
7. Outlined the area.
8. Every 4 pixels, I made a line. Both horizontally and vertically.
9. I wanted a nice little design in the middle. You can do this for some interior floor tiles. I would avoid making it too complex or pop out too much.
10. The lines will be distracting if I keep them that dark. For floor tiles, remember that the focus should be on the player. So they should have relatively low contrasts.
11. What I did here was remove the bottom horizontal line, and the right vertical line. Before, it would have a double line when I put tiles next to each other. I thought it was too thick, so instead I have 2 adjacent sides outlined.
12. Made the middle of the design blue, and the part around it green.
13. You didn’t really think I was keeping the purple, did you? I changed it to a slightly darker gray. Notice the amount of contrast compared to the dark purple lines. Well, dark purple is a temporary color too, but I want to differentiate it since I’m not going to use the same color for both.
14. I cut out the grey in the boxes, so right now it’s a transparent color. If you wanted a panorama to show underneath, you could basically use this one. But that’s not what I intend to do with it. I want to put something in the boxes so it’s not a flat color. Depending on the style, flat color could be perfectly alright, so don’t be afraid to use them.
15. The boxes. I took out the parts that would be covered by lines.
16. Outlined the left and top parts of the box with a slightly lighter grey. You want it to be bright enough to not completely blend in with the previous color, but not stand out much. Diagonal highlights as well for shine.
17. Center of the tiles have a slightly dark blue. It’s a greyish blue, and not a saturated one.
18. I pasted the step 14 lines on top of the boxes.
19. Dark purple is too dark. I made it a orangey/reddish color that was lighter.
20. In the big orange squares, in the corners I put some lighter grey so it’s not just a square. What I did ends up looking as a diamond within the square. You can tile them together to test it out. Also, I put some blue around the design in the middle of the tiles so it stands out less.

The stairs are pretty straightforward right now. It will be less so when you start working on grass/cliff or other types of natural steps.


If you put the character on the map and the floors take too much of your attention away, you could consider darkening or lowering the contrast of them. Looking at this map, maybe instead of making all of the tiles have this design in the center, maybe I can remove it and make a new tile that does have it, so I can add it only for certain times, like the edges of the room so it doesn’t distract. Also, maybe the orange lines still could be toned down a bit.

Resulting tileset:


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