Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008

Palm tree

OK, I wasn’t going to post this, but I figured I might as well. I’ll try to explain my processes a bit more with this.

Step 1: Get the trunk down first. Big base, thin trunk. Coconuts on top. I colored it all brown.
Step 2: Drawing out the leaves. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Right now I’m using a dark green for it, which I’ll fill in later. Use photos or pictures for reference, they can help.
Step 3: I filled the leaves in. Also, I followed the curve tutorial I made earlier to round out the squarish looking areas.
Step 4: Adding lines hanging down on the leaves. Again, picture references can help.
Step 5: Adding a lighter color to the bottom of the trunk.
Step 6: Another lighter color below it. It’s more orange.
Step 7: With a dark purple, I’m making the middle of the leaf.
Step 8: Highlight color for the trunk
Step 9: Lightest color for the trunk. Making it striped. Added also a lighter green color to go out of the dark purple. It should follow the lines of the leaves going downward.
Step 10: Added shadows to the base of the trunk
Step 11: Using a lighter color for the leaves. It doesn’t look too much different, but I’ll be changing that soon. Then fill in most of the bottom part of the leaves.
Step 12: Adding highlights for the leaves.
Step 13: Adding a dark purple shadow for the top of the leaves.
Step 14: I made the 2 lightest colors in the leaves brighter.
Step 15: The Dark purple (not the darkest) is changed to the dark green that the leaves have. You could end at step 14 if you’d like.

Resulting chipset:

Resulting map:


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