Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008


Making a rock! Well, 2 of them, a tiny one and a bigger one. I started out with sketching the basic shape of it, then filling it in and fixing up the outlines. I didn’t want it pure grey, so I made it slightly more yellowish for the highlights and more purple for the shadows.

I’m using up the 3 animated tile columns for this. One for the regular waterfall, one for it meeting the splash area, and the splash area. You could also get rid of the transition one and use an upper tile or something, I didn’t think of that until I just posted this. So for the waterfall I made a grid first, then once it’s done I lowered it all by 1, and placed the bottom tile on top. If you have a different shape for the waterfall, or don’t want to do that, remember to have the animation from 4 to 1 be smooth.

Another note: If you don’t want a square look to the waterfall, I’d suggest cutting out a bit of the cliffs, place it on an upper tile so it could partially cover the waterfall tiles at the edges.

Resulting chipset:



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