Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008


Zoomed in 3x

1. First, I’ve got the base color down for the window. It will take up a 32×32 space, but I’m only going to work on the left half for now.
2. Shaping up the window frame to not be square. What I’m going to do later is mirror this side.
3. The window itself. Since the outside is usually bright and sunny, it’ll be white.
4. The outline for the curtains.
5. Filled in the curtains, and also extended the white area so it doesn’t look square.
6. Outlined the curtains, and added a metal pole to support the curtain. You may want to place that pole first so you know where to position the curtains… but I didn’t feel like it.
7. Adding a lighter tone to the bottom of the white area, to make it seem like the sun is brighting up that area.
8. Adding a highlight to the curtains. This is the last of the halfs, now we’ll mirror it.
9. We’ve saved some time since we only had to work on one side. Here you can go and fix up any errors you see.
10. Diagonal lines going through the window. Most windows have straight lines in them. That would have made this easier, but oh well…
11. Here I just did a Connect the lines type of thing. I didn’t want to go overboard so I just did a diagonal for every other line. Also, I rounded out the bottom more.

You should make those lines in the window darker though.

Now, time to place it in the tileset!
Complete chipset:

Here is the map.


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