Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008


First, bricks.

1. First, I’m putting in the outline color on a 16×16 tile.
2. I made 4×4 squares of the dark color and a lighter blue color. This will help me arrange stuff. You can also use a grid that’s set to 4×4 pixels, that’d be easier.
3. Filling the top row (4 pixel height) with a red color. I’m putting a dark line on top of it only, for now.
4. We’ll make dark lines to line up with the beginning of the 4×4 dark squares. So there should be 2 lines. We’re done with the top row now.
5. Fill the next row with red. Put a dark line on top of that. Again, we’ll make lines to match the beginning of the 4×4 dark squares.
6. Copy the top 2 rows and place it on the bottom. Simple! I forget why I have another of the same brick next to it…
7. See where it says Note on the 2nd row? I took away one line from the top row, and made just a line in the center for the 2nd row of that brick. This makes it longer, if you want that look (I usually use it for wooden boards and not bricks)
8. The Note on the 3rd row shows what happens if you outline every brick completely.
9. Placing highlights on top of the bricks.
10. Adding some slight shadows on the bottom left of the bricks. I dithered it too, just for a little bit of texture. Don’t go too crazy with dithering on bricks, though you could do more than I did if you’d like.

Now, for the bed! I wasn’t going to make a tutorial for this, but I figured why not. Not as zoomed in as the bricks are. I was looking at the beds in DE’s fatima tileset, so that’s what inspired me to do this.

1. Fill with darkest color.
2. This is the bottom of the bed we’re working on in this step. Just some variations so it’s not a completely straight line. You could have a straight line if you really want to.
3. I divided the colors up. I wanted the top 16 pixels to be brown, for the top of the bed. The middle 16 pixels for the pillow, and the bottom 30 for the blanket. The bottom part is still dark because it’s for the bottom of the bed.
4. We don’t need the bed to tile, so I’ve made a small pillow shape, and curved the top of the blanket.
5. Now our bed has horns. They’re supposed to be cone shaped sea shell type designs.
6. The middle of the bed is generally the highest, unless the bed is completely flat. So we’ll make that part the brightest. It should get darker towards the sides.
7. Added some highlights to the “horn”. I made them a bit diagonal so to make it look like it’s spiraling.
8. Added highlights to the top of the bed.
9. Putting folds in the bottom of the bed. I recommend taking a look at your own bed for stuff like this, or at least other bed sprites.
10. I added some shadows and made the pillow outline darker so it stands out a bit more.
11. Made a dark line in the top of the bed, and I’m putting 2 leaves on top for decoration.
12. Added highlights within the leaf. I accidently repeated the bed again, I always do that for some reason.

The chipset:


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