Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008

Computer and floors

Let’s do a computer! This is zoomed in 4x the actual size.

1. I’m using 2 16×16 tiles for this. One for the monitor/keyboard, and one for the tower.
2. The screen will be blue (Blue screen of death), and I’ll make the keys a light grey. Just basically dots on the keyboard, although you may want to consider the keys like the spacebar.
3. Diagonal glare on the screen. Use a lighter blue for this.
4. Now to color in the tower, and the top of the monitor.
5. CD slots and whatever else is on the tower. No need to draw in every single detail.
6. Adding highlights to the tower and monitor tops.
7. Shadows, now. I didn’t feel like making a darker grey so I used a purple that I had in my palette

Now, floors. This is nearly the same floor tile as the one used in some parts of FF6.

1. Using a dark color, try not to use black.
2. Filling in the floor tile with 2 other tones. I just want to get them in the general area that they’ll be in, so I made squares for them.
3. Adding another color.
4. The lightest color will be in the middle of the tile, and used for part of the outline as you see here. Something like this is kinda like the Bevel effect in Photoshop. (This for example: )
5. Now this isn’t a nice and shiny floor. I’ll break up the darkest outline a bit. I did it pretty randomly, by using dithering. It’s not uniform, and not supposed to be.
6. Same thing with the bright outline.
7. For this step, I actually just went crazy with the pencil tool. It’s pretty random, actually! So the brown, grey, and lighter tan sections just got scribbled over with the pencil tool to give it some texture.
8. Dithering and fixing up some of that scribbled stuff. Again, for this, try not to make the dithering uniform. Rather, vary it a bit. I put some dots around.
9. Did the same to the lighter tan section. Fixed it up and added some dithering.
10. Broke up the bright area in the middle. Basically it’s random dots in the middle of it.
11. Added nails around it. It’s put in an orderly (more or less, I didn’t actually calculate it but you should) way. It just consists of a light dot surrounded by a dark line. It takes up 4 pixels total.
12. Took out a lot of the brown in the bottom left section, since that’s where the light outline is.


Testmap: (I know the table doesn’t fit in, I just quickly made it from the top of the cabinet)


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