Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008


Time for pillars! As with the statue, it’s not going to be as bright and cheery. If you take a look at the pillars in the futuristic Treasure Hunter G chipset, you’ll see a similarity, as I’m basing these off of that.

1. Determine how many tiles you need, and if you want it to be tilable. I decided to have them static, so you can’t make them bigger or smaller without it looking odd.

2. I want one tile for the top part, and one tile for the base. It’s important that in RMs perspective, you have the top of the pillar visible.

3. What I’m doing now is going from dark to light.

4. Making the base. I decided for a half tile instead.

5. The part that sticks out most should be brighter, the parts that go back should be darker. So the sides tend to be darker, while the middle tends to be brightest.

6. Then adding highlights/details to the top.

I made some minor changes to the chipset. I darkened the walls (this was done last time, I just reversed it from dark to light now), I made a new simple floor tile, and darkened the other floor auto-tile.

Example map:


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