Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008


For most chipsets, you’ll want to try to avoid using pure black. I do use white, but technically you should be avoiding that too for the most part. Black and White should be used more for sprites to make them stand out more from the background (Although I don’t like black outlines on sprites).

I didn’t number the steps, but I think you can figure it out!

1. For a door, consider the height of the characters. 2 tiles tall is good for my purposes, so I’ll use that.
2. I don’t want it to be rectangular. I started out with a rectangle, but I rounded it out a bit.
3. I outlined the wooden frame that would go around the door. Heavily inspired by Sword of Mana, I decided not to make it straight.
4. Using the darkest color inside as a base color.
5. Adding a wood type texture to it. All you really need to do is make some vertical lines to do that, I’m really only using about 4 colors for it.
6. I made the base color lighter. So the darker color is used for the outlines.
7. For this, I work on the left tiles first, I leave the middle alone, and the right tiles is the left ones flipped horizontally. 🙂
9. Purple door. You could make it just one big door, but I decided to make it a double door.
10. Decorate, shading… (Yeah, I’m tired right now)
11. Blue for the door windows.
12. I could have also made it on a transparent background instead of the wall background and put this on an upper layer if I had multiple wall types. But I don’t because I’m lazy.

The resulting chipset:



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