Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008

Lamp posts

This one is on Lampposts. I also did a quick treasure chest one. I placed the treasure chest on the lower layer to save space for the upper layer, but I could have cut out some parts of the chest tile so it works in the upper layer.

Here’s a step by step picture

Steps 1-3: Outlining the chests shape. I also placed a Palette up above the 2 objects with the colors that I’ll use.
Steps 4-6: Highlights. First, I did the key area. Then, the top of the chest. The top should be the brightest part of the chest, the bottom the darkest.
Steps 7-8: The blue could be considered an ambient light, if I had blue tiles or blue light from below. I just wanted to make a wave pattern.
Step 9: One brighter highlight for the top of the chest. The key area has it too so it stands out more.

For the Lamp posts:
Steps 1-5: Using a dark purple to outline the object. I looked at some Street lights for reference. I wanted this to be 3 tiles tall and 1 tile wide. If you want a triple street light, maybe 2 tiles or 3 tiles wide could work.
Step 6: Adding the base color.
Step 7: A lighter color is added. The light source is the lamp itself, so it’ll go from light to dark on the base. You may also want to account for the shadow produced by the lamp base itself, but I’m lazy.
Step 8: White highlights.
Step 9: I wanted to make the light color green. So, in the lamp area, I colored it all a dark green. Notice what I did to the outline (You can really see it in the 64×64 version below it). This is to make it seem like it’s a bright light.
Step 10-11: Adding a light green in the middle of the lamp. I added a White highlight too in the center.
Step 12: Added some green in the post itself.

Resulting chipset: (I made a few changes to it, and made a street auto-tile that had a sidewalk)



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