Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 23, 2008

Cliffs part II

Part 2 of Cliff tiles!

Okay, this took a bit of time. I spent 10-20 minutes trying to make this tile work well. Keep looking at the tiles as a group, and see if you find a horizontal band, or something that sticks out badly. (I do not have the tilesets or tiles already made, I make them and work on them as I go)

Perhaps it would have been easier to make a 32×32 pattern that tiles. Well, learned the hard way! Now, we have the front part of the tiles. What’s next… we could do the sides.  You can redraw the tile if you’d like. You have to make sure it tiles diagonally. I rotated my center tile, and I think it works well enough. You might want to give that a shot, or just editting your front tile. Once I have one side, I just flipped it and got the other side.

Determine your light source. If you have an extreme left light, you might want the left side to be lightest, and the right side to be darkest. If it’s a center light source, you could have both sides be of either a normal color or have them both darker. Purples and blues are a good shadow color to use, but check the color wheel first!

Now to chop off the bottom sides. You can do it in a diagonal way, or in a more curved way. Remember the curved lines tutorial I did above. I did diagonal because the rocks ended up working well like that. Obviously these will go on the upper layer instead of the lower layer.

Now, take a tile that you’ll use for on top. Usually it’ll be grass. We’re going to have to cut a diagonal out of it. I think you know where they belong, especially based on this image:

I tried tiling the side diagonally, and discovered that the bottom side tile didn’t work well. So, make sure that they end up at the top or bottom most corner. Look at the blue arrows in the bigger 32×32 version:

Take half off of the grass tiles on top for the sides. Diagonally of course.

Problem we have right now is that if we put that on grass tiles, no one will be able to tell what the top is. We need some dividing sections between the normal grass and this one on top. I made one, a repeating pattern. You can experiment with different types of dividers, you can even use a line if you’d like. 2x zoom version in the right:

For the sides, I made a pattern that works with the diagonal one I made. Here’s a 2x version of that too. I made a 2 pixel tall rock, then repeated it throughout. For the top, simply rotate the side.

To save space on the upper tile area, we’ll put just the bottom parts of the cliffs, and the very top row there. Everything else will go in the lower layer.

Test map:

Not truly perfect, but with some more editting it can get better. This one was a tough one, so expect to spend some time on it!


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