Posted by: Ocean's Dream | January 22, 2008

Color wheel

For the color wheel, all you really need to know is what color light is lighting the object/wall/whatever. So if it’s the sun, it’ll be a yellowish light. The opposite color of that in the Color wheel is what should be used for the shadows. So if you look that up, it’ll be Violet. So objects outside will generally have yellow highlights and violet shadows.

If you’re inside, and the lamps give off green light, look up the opposite color of green. Red, so you can use red shadows and green highlights. Similarly for blue light, you’ll have blue highlights and orange shadows. You do not need to follow this exactly, but it could be helpful and make your colors more interesting than just a lighter or darker version of the same color.

As for dithering, it’s just a pattern of pixels in between 2 colors so you don’t need to make a new color to blend them.

And I’m sure you can find plenty more dithering tutorials/explanations around, as it’s pretty widely used. As I said before, try not to overuse dithering.


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